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A space where you are invited to grow your business, income, impact, and Faith!

Be exactly who God has called you to be without apology!

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Welcome to The Tapestry Network


Where you no longer have to separate  your business life from your Faith life.

The Tapestry Network exists so each business woman 
who wants to be "tapped-in" to encouragement, support, inspiration, & wisdom has a place to connect ​in sisterhood!

“Imagine a networking meeting where everyone in the room is a like-minded Christian businesswoman, where you feel supported in your business and your faith! That’s exactly how I feel when attending a Tapestry meeting. Over the past four years, I have met some incredibly supportive and loving women of faith. The icing on the cake is that Tapestry members do business with each other, helping each other to grow not only in their business but in their relationship with God. I belong to several networking groups, (three local Chambers ane a few women-only business groups), but Tapestry is by far my favorite group!”

~ Diane Carson, PromoXpertz

"Tapestry has greatly improved my business, yet what I get from being a part of Tapestry is much more than that! Tapestry is fellowship, sisterhood, support, fun, great information, business advice and some of the best relationships you can have."

~ Janice Jordan - CEO Space Club President

“Before I joined Tapestry Networking, I was unsure of how to begin building my business, a business I believed God called me to build. I knew I wanted to put God first in my business which is why I joined Tapestry Networking. Through Tapestry Networking, I have met a group of amazing ladies. They have helped me to continually put God first in my business. They have supported me through the journey of beginning my business, by teaching good solid business principles, masterminding through any challenges I may have. It has been an absolute pleasure and a blessing to connect to such a wonderful group of ladies on so many levels – spiritually, professionally, and personally.”

~ Peggy Dunn, Grow Tall & Thrive

"Joining Tapestry has been the best investment and the most amazing experience I have made to date when it comes to my business. This group is amazing and the women really are about helping each other to grow in all aspects of your life."

~Cindy Costa - Founder of All About Hope Nonprofit 

“Relationships are the key to networking at its best. The Tapestry offers me both a genuine place to meet women of excellence who are also Christ-Centered. I love that we can encourage each other with the freedom to share how God has guided our lives.  The Tapestry Network has given me and so many other women the tools and opportunities we all need to grow both personally and professionally.”

​~ Jenny Grace Morris, Biblical Storyteller

"I have gotten new customers through my membership with Tapestry! Yet, the biggest reason I am so committed to this group is the overall support, encouragement, sisterhood, and community. There is nothing else like Tapestry."

​~ Janna Woodroof - Trunited

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